Wireless Remote Control Switch

1. Wireless remote control switch introduction Transmitter specification 1. Dimensions:216*75*43mm 2. Weight: 315g 3. Material: glass-fiber 4. Protection degree: IP65 5. Power supply: DC 3V (2AA Batteries) Receiver Specification 1. Power supply: AC380V/36V/220V/110V/48V/24V or AC12V/DC12V (±20%)...

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1. Wireless remote control switch introduction

Control distance

Up to 100m

Control Motions


Frequency generation




Operation frequency

310.0325-331.165 MHz


CE, FCC, ISO9001:2008

Unique code

Over 4.3billon unique ID codes .

Working temperature


Output capacity

Full sealed relay output with 5 amperes

Transmitter specification

1. Dimensions:216*75*43mm 

2. Weight: 315g

3. Material: glass-fiber

4. Protection degree: IP65

5. Power supply: DC 3V (2AA Batteries)

Receiver Specification

1. Power supply: AC380V/36V/220V/110V/48V/24V or AC12V/DC12V (±20%)

2. Dimensions: Size:200*165*127mm

3. Weight: 1400g

4. Material: glass-fiber

5. Protection degree: IP65

2. Configuration of wireless remote control swith

One transmitter ;

One receiver;

One 1m cable connect with receiver

One operation and maintain manual 

3. Application of wireless remote control switch

Widely applied for lifting equipments, construction machinery, cargo loading/unloading machines, water supply system, data transmission, the iron-smelting and steel-making, the automobile manufacturing, paper-making and chemical industry, steel structure processing, galvanization, shipbuilding, railroad, bridge, tunnel construction and other equipments and sites which can be worked by radio controls

4. Wireless remote control switch images


5.Details of wireless remote control switch 


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