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Working Principle Of Cable Reel
- Mar 23, 2018 -

Working principle of cable reel

The power and speed control parts on the cable reel are borne by the motor, which has unique electrical and mechanical characteristics. The motor has wide speed range and soft mechanical characteristics. When the load changes, the working speed of motor also changes, that is, the load increases, the speed decreases, the load decreases and the speed increases. Moreover, the motor can run at any point on its mechanical characteristic curve of torque and speed for a long time, so it can ensure that the cable can get the proper winding speed and pull force on the corresponding radius of the reel.

1.The output torque of the electric cable motor is driven, and the coil disc is charged by the deceleration part.

2.The output torque of the cable motor is a hindrance force, which prevents the cable from opening the coil quickly, and ensures the synchronism of the cable.

3. The long-term shutoff motor with a disc type often closed brake can ensure that the cable will not slip from the reel on the gravitational force when the motor is broken.


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