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Why Can A Crane Be Guaranteed For Two Years?
- Nov 01, 2018 -

Why can a crane be guaranteed for two years?

Single beam cranes usually have a warranty time of one year, but this is far from satisfying the needs of customers. The customer wants the failure rate of the equipment to be as small as possible, or the longer the warranty period of the crane, the better. The customer's demand is our pursuit, and the customer's demand can meet the long-term stable development of the entire crane market.

So why can a single-beam crane be guaranteed for two years? The most troublesome place for cranes is the electrical system and the electric hoist. The lifting has made many improvements and optimizations for these two aspects.

1. The traditional single-girder crane has a large electric control cabinet and an electric hoist control cabinet. Hengtai lifts the electrical system into a 2-in-1 control cabinet. Electrical design is designed independently based on specific parameters, power, etc. The electrical components used are more suitable for the operating mechanism, thereby reducing the failure rate of the electrical system.

2, electric hoist adopts the domestic first-line brand electric hoist, which adopts thick steel reel to effectively improve the strength of the reel, which is safer than ordinary cast iron reel. The heat treatment process of the reducer gear is optimized to enhance the fatigue strength of the reducer. The brake wheel uses an involute spline to improve positioning accuracy. The overall technical process has been greatly improved and optimized, extending the service life of the electric hoist.

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