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Whether The Quality Of The Lifting Parts Is Excellent Or Not Has A Great Impact On The Crane.
- Nov 02, 2018 -

Whether the quality of the lifting parts is excellent or not has a great impact on the crane

In the manufacturer's view, high-quality lifting accessories are crucial for the crane. It determines the lifting effect and service life of the crane. If the lifting accessories are not suitable, it can not be closely matched with the body. On the quality issue, regular maintenance and replacement not only brings trouble to the user, but also increases the cost. Therefore, our manufacturers believe that it is very important to choose high-quality lifting accessories.

For example, the reel group, we know that on the reel group, the fixing of the wire rope is very important to us. If the fixing of the wire rope on the reel group is unsatisfactory, then the safety of the reel group will have a relatively large impact. Therefore, when using the reel set, we must pay attention to the fixing of the wire rope. So how do you fix it?

1. Wedge fixing method, this method is often used for steel wire ropes with small diameters, without bolts, and is suitable for multi-layer winding lifting parts reel group.

2. Long slat fixing method: The long slats with grooves are fixed on the reel group along the axial direction of the steel wire by the pressing force of the screws.

3, the plate fixing method, using the pressure plate and screws to fix the wire rope, the method is simple, reliable, easy to observe and check, is the most common fixed form, the disadvantage of this method is that the occupied space is relatively large, therefore, can not be used for multiple layers Winding. For safety reasons, the number of platens is at least two.

The above methods are all the experience that our lifting parts manufacturers have summarized in the long-term production process, I believe it will help everyone.

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