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What Is A Precast Beam Plant Bridge Crane
- Apr 10, 2018 -

What is a precast beam factory bridge crane? Actually, the prefabricated beam plant gantry crane is also a type of gantry crane, but it is distinguished based on the use of the function. The gantry crane is more suitable for prefabricated beam plant lifting bridges, so the gantry crane is often referred to as a prefabricated beam plant gantry crane or beam gantry crane, and the beam gantry crane . As shown below.

Prefabricated beam plant gantry crane generally lifts and runs slowly. The lifting speed does not exceed 1 meter in one minute. The running speed is generally about 6.6 meters per minute. The gantry crane runs slowly, and most of the steel structures are steel legs. The main frame of the flower frame, the overall structure and speed are very balanced. It is suitable for prefabricated beam plants to lift and use the bridge. Therefore, everyone calls this gantry crane a gantry crane for a prefabricated beam plant.

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