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What Are The Special Requirements For European-style Cranes?
- Oct 24, 2018 -

What are the special requirements for European-style cranes?

The appearance of domestic cranes looks like a small difference between European cranes. In fact, it is just a form and structure. The internal structure and quality are still quite different. European cranes are generally divided into general grab cranes, bridge cranes, and explosion-proof electric cranes. Electromagnet cranes, etc., then, what environment is the European crane suitable for?

The requirements of the European crane for the environment are mainly the requirements of the working conditions. Different cranes are used for different working conditions, which means that it needs to be tailored according to different working conditions. This is not explained in detail. If you don't know, you need to ask a special talent line. In general, European-style cranes can basically meet various working conditions. The biggest difficulty of European-style cranes in China is not the working conditions but the operation. Most people who do engineering in China do not work on the operation rules of European cranes, or they simply ignore them. It is difficult to meet the demand. In this case, the various safety devices and protective measures of European-style cranes are considered redundant, and there are many people who help them. Therefore, if you want to use a European-style crane, the quality requirements of the operators must be kept up to ensure safety and usability.

So, what environment is the European crane suitable for? For the time being, European-style cranes are basically used in China: electricity, military, chemical, smelting, automobile, aviation, machine and so on. They are used less in chemical industry and smelting, and are prominent in the automotive and aerospace military fields. 

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