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The Working Principle Of The Grab Crane
- Oct 13, 2018 -

The working principle of the grab crane: At the beginning of the work, support the wire rope to lift the grab in a proper position, and then lower the opening and closing wire rope. At this time, the weight of the lower beam is forced to open the bucket at the center of the lower beam of the bucket. When the part hits the bumps of the two ear plates, the bucket is opened to the maximum limit. When the bucket is opened, the center distance between the upper beam pulley and the lower beam pulley is increased, and then the wire rope is supported to fall, and the opened grab is dropped on the loose pile to be grasped, and then the open and closed wire rope is taken, and the upper beam pulley is taken. The center distance from the lower beam pulley is restored to the original position, thus completing the process of grasping the material. In the closed bucket, the material is filled, and finally the wire rope is lifted and closed. The entire grab is also lifted, moved to the required unloading site by driving, and the material picked up is unloaded.


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