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The Method Of Heat Treatment Of Slip Ring Motor Is Analyzed
- Feb 07, 2018 -

1. The treatment method of the cooling air volume of the sliding ring coaxial. Adopt measures to increase cooling ventilation, such as external installation axial fan cooling. When the brush or slip ring temperature is high, the fan can be started to strengthen the surface heat exchange, and the cooling effect is ideal. Regularly use dry, clean compressed air to blow the ash and dust of the slip ring, remove the cover dust of the slip ring, check and clean the holes of the slip ring after shutdown, check and clean the inlet filter 

2. Improve the maintenance quality of the brush, eliminate the heating defects in time and use the manufacturer's original brush and brush box as much as possible. The carbon brush should move up and down in the brush holder. The gap between the brush and the brush should be 0. 1 ~ 0.2mm, the brush should not beat, shake or jam; Brush grinding surface light without impurities, spring compression force should be adjusted to 11 ~ 12 n, compaction force hours should be replaced the new brush or adjust the pressure, slip ring surface temperature should be no greater than 120 ℃. In addition, the brush should be replaced when it is worn to a height of 2/3 or in bad contact. The brush holder should be free of scale. When the surface oxide film is too thick or the surface is rough and not smooth, the finest emery cloth or white cloth shall be used for polishing.

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