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Structure Of Gantry Crane
- Sep 15, 2018 -

structure of gantry crane

The structure of the gantry crane In general, regardless of the form of the gantry crane, its composition is mainly divided into three parts: the mechanical part, the structural part and the electrical part. Specifically, the gantry crane is mainly composed of a gantry structure, a load-carrying trolley, a cart running mechanism, electrical equipment, and a cab.

Gantry crane


Gantry crane

(1) gantry structure

The gantry structure consists mainly of the main beam and the legs. The main beam is used to support the trolley and travel along the track through the legs. Small gantry cranes use single beams and large gantry cranes use double beams. The structure of the main beam often has two kinds of box shape and truss type. The box beam structure is simple and easy to manufacture, but the windward area is large, the running resistance is large, and it is self-important, which is not conducive to saving steel.

The structure of the legs, the rigid legs on one side of the main machine and the flexible legs on the other side to reduce its own weight and compensate for the span error.

(2) Load trolley

The double main beam gantry crane's load trolley is basically the same as the bridge crane trolley. The electric hoist is usually used as a load-bearing trolley for a single main beam, but the gantry crane of a single main beam is not a conventional electric hoist as a load-carrying trolley. Since the hook needs to be placed on the outside of the main beam (that is, the way of lateral suspension), the form of the trolley is also changed accordingly. In addition to the wheels traveling along the track, horizontal or vertical rollers for preventing tipping and guiding are added.

(3) Large car running mechanism

The running mechanism of the cart is the same as that of the bridge crane. Because it is open-air work, the lower part of the leg is equipped with a rail clamp or a rail press. When the crane is not working or encounters strong winds, the rail is clamped by the rail clamp to prevent the crane from being blown by the wind to cause an accident.

(4) Electrical equipment

1 motor

The operating state of the motor is divided into two types: electric state and braking (power generation) state. In the gantry crane, when the electric motor introduces electric energy, the motor starts to run, and the electric energy is converted into mechanical energy. This operating state is called the electric state; when the mechanical energy is added to the motor shaft, the electric motor is converted into electric energy in addition to the loss of the motor itself. This operating state is called braking (power generation, state. Under certain conditions, any motor can operate in either of the above two states.

2 lighting and signal

Lighting is divided into internal lighting and workplace lighting. Internal lighting includes control room lighting, electrical equipment room lighting, and hand-held inspection lights; cranes working in open spaces generally require 2-4 additional searchlights due to poor lighting conditions.

(5) Cab

The cab is the place where the operator can specifically use the gantry crane. Since the gantry crane is an important lifting device for loading and unloading large cargo, its operation directly affects the production efficiency. Therefore, the operator has strict requirements. For example, familiar with the use of gantry cranes, equipment, operating methods, lifting capacity and maintenance knowledge.

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