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Structure And Working Principle Of Grab Bridge Crane
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Grab bridge crane is mainly composed of box bridge, grab trolley, big car running mechanism, driver's cab and electric control system. The extract device is a grab bucket that can grab bulk materials. The clamshell bridge crane has open and closed mechanism and lifting mechanism, and the grab bucket is hoisted by four wire rope respectively in the open and closed mechanism and the lifting mechanism. The opening and closing mechanism drives the grab bucket to close and grab the material. When the bucket hole closes, the hoisting mechanism is started immediately, so that the four wire ropes are carried out on average. When discharging, only open and close the mechanism, the opening of the hopper, inclined material. In addition to the lifting mechanism, the rest of the structure is basically the same as the hook bridge crane.

In order to ensure the safety of crane, all set up handrail, rail height is 1050 mm, 350 mm, set up two level bar, set the height to 70 mm at the bottom of the retaining plate, bridge consists of light, the driver indoor set insulation rubber and the door switch, the transmission parts are set a guard, the railings have set up a security door switch, trip terminals equipped with end, slip line with block hook.

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