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Safety Operation Regulation Of Crane
- Jun 23, 2018 -

Safety operation regulation of crane

1.operators must be trained in professional skills to understand the structural performance of the machine, and be familiar with the operation methods.

Master the safety operation rules of cranes and strictly abide by the execution so that they can operate.

2.Before operation, the operator should do it first.

1) understand the power supply of the crane, whether there is a temporary overhaul; 

2) to confirm that no one on the track of the crane and other obstacles; 

3) to confirm that no one on the crane and the legacy tools and other items;

4) gently unturn the red button on the top of the controller, press the start switch, ring the bell warning when necessary, and check and confirm the direction control button and the operation direction. 

5) carry out the empty and load test, check the brake, the limiter, the wire rope and so on, confirm without any abnormal condition and then proceed to normal again. Use;

(6) attention must be paid to the lifting of heavy objects, which shall not exceed the rated load of the equipment.

3.the operator must face the hook operation, confirm that the hook is normal after the operation, but the right.

The emergency stop signal sent by any person should immediately press the red emergency stop button to stop it. 

4.When lifting heavy objects, the rope or sling should be tightened gradually before lifting heavy objects at normal speed.

When moving and lifting, we must keep the weight of the load stable and stabilize.

5.When lifting heavy objects, it must be in a vertical position, and the vertical angle between the hook and the ground must not exceed 3.

It is not allowed to use heavy mobile cars, lifting cars or electric hoists to drag heavy objects.

6. do not adjust the brakes when lifting heavy objects. It

7. strictly prohibit the frequent use of point operation mode control button; do not operate three directions at the same time.

Operate the button; strictly prohibit one person to operate two cranes at the same time. It

8. When a crane is running, it is strictly prohibited to carry personnel by hook; the height of suspended objects during lifting.

It is higher than 0.5m above ground equipment or other objects. At the same time, operators are forbidden to lift the heavy load above the head and equipment. It

9.When the hook is near the rising limit, large, small or electric hoists are near the terminal or with the same cross rail.

When the road is close to the road, the speed is slow. It is not allowed to use the limit position limiter or the track terminal plate as the usual parking mode.

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