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QZ5-10t Type Grab Bridge Crane
- Sep 06, 2018 -

QZ5-10t type grab bridge crane

QZ5-10t type grab bridge crane are suitable for warehouses and workshops of metallurgical, cement, chemical and other enterprises. They are engaged in the handling of ore, limestone, mineral powder, coke, coke, coal, sand and other bulk materials in indoor or outdoor fixed spans.

This machine belongs to the A6 level working system, and the lifting weight includes the grab weight.

The machine consists of five parts: box type bridge frame, cart running mechanism, trolley, grab, and electrical equipment. All the mechanisms are operated in the control room.

The take-up device is a four-wire grab of a double reel, which has a simple structure and reliable operation. The grab can be opened and closed at any height. When the material is grabbed below 100 mm, the effect is good and the productivity is high. When the material is more than 200 mm, a toothed grab is required. The opening and closing direction of the grab is two kinds of parallel and vertical main beams.

Grabs are only suitable for bulk materials in natural pile conditions. When picking up underwater materials or special materials, they must be specially made at the time of ordering.

The crane control room is divided into two types: closed end and closed type. The entrance direction of the control room has an end surface, a side surface and a top surface.


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