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Port Gantry Crane Introduction
- Sep 18, 2018 -

port gantry crane introduction

The crane is an important machine for carrying materials, which reduces labor and improves efficiency. It is an important mechanical equipment in line with social development. With the increase of production scale and the further improvement of automation and intelligence, the role of cranes will be more obvious in enterprise production. At the same time, the continuous development of cranes meets the requirements of hoisting requirements. The modern design and manufacturing capabilities of port cranes are constantly improving and the development trend is obvious.

     The development of large-scale and special loading and unloading machinery for port cranes requires large-scale transportation, bulk cargo handling and container transportation. For example, large port container cranes, tire gantry cranes, front hoists, high-productivity grab ship unloaders, etc. There is a great demand for new structures, new materials, new processes and new transmission mechanisms. Mechanical technology and electronic technology are combined with single design and mechanized operating systems. Advanced microcomputer control, fiber optic technology and hydraulic technology are applied to machinery. The drive and control system improves the performance of the crane.


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