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Necessity And Main Classification Of Crane Windproof And Anti-climb Device
- Apr 04, 2018 -

Necessity and main classification of crane windproof and anti-climb device

Cranes working in open air on the track are generally affected by natural winds. The wind factor was taken into account when designing. When the wind is greater than the specified value, the crane stops working. When a crane in a stopped state is struck by strong winds, it may overcome the stopping force of the service brake of the vehicle running mechanism and cause slippage. This uncontrolled gliding causes the crane to make a strong impact on the end of the track, causing the entire body to tip over. The losses caused by our country each year are great. Therefore, the safety regulations for hoisting machinery stipulate that cranes working on the track in the open air, such as gantry cranes, loading and unloading bridges, tower cranes, and portal cranes, should be equipped with windproof and anti-climb devices, that is, windproof rail clamps and anchor bolt devices. Or iron shoes.

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