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Mining Bridge Crane
- Oct 15, 2018 -

Mining bridge crane maintainces

The daily mining cranes we often see are mainly gantry cranes and bridge cranes. The main function is to transport the materials in the mine. Now we will focus on how the gantry crane should be checked daily: 1. Various components of the gantry crane (Whether the screw is tight, the sliding parts are lubricated, etc.); 2. Electrical part: It is necessary to replace the aging cable in time and clean the dust in time; 3. Steel structure: After the bad weather, carefully check the structural parts for cracks and welds. Whether there are cracks, mining gantry crane manufacturers, check whether the main components are rusted, and timely derusting, whether the connecting shaft is screwed or not, whether it is deformed; 4. Lifting mechanism inspection: routine inspection of the spreader (hook Rusting, loose screws, mine gantry cranes, wire ropes, pulleys, etc., whether the operation is smooth, and whether the reel is stable)

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