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Lifting Electromagnet Basic Components Electromagnet Classification
- Sep 20, 2018 -

Lifting electromagnet basic components electromagnet classification

There are many types of electromagnets, and they can be classified into many types according to the operation mode, the type of current in the exciting coil, the connection mode of the coil to the external circuit, the operating speed, the movement mode of the balance iron, and the configuration of the magnetic circuit.

1, classified by action mode

Electromagnets can be divided into two categories: retaining and attracting according to the action mode. The holding electromagnet is used to hold any mechanical parts, loads of magnetic substances, articles processed and transported, etc.; such electromagnets have no moving iron, and the magnetic flux is closed by the held workpiece as a loop. Among these types of electromagnets are electromagnetic clutches, electromagnetic chucks, lifting electromagnets, and gantry of metalworking machines.

The attracting electromagnet itself has a balance iron for human movement. When the coil is energized, it attracts the balance iron a certain distance and transmits the motion to other loads that require mechanical motion. Various automatic electromagnetic relays and contactors The electromagnetic mechanism, electromagnetic valve, electric hammer, electric bell, etc. are all attracting electromagnets.

2, according to the type of power supply of the mileage coil

The electromagnet can be divided into a DC electromagnet and an AC electromagnet according to the type of power supplied by the mileage coil. The coil of the DC electromagnet is connected to direct current. The established magnetic flux is a constant magnetic flux that does not change with time. There is no eddy current and hysteresis loss in the iron core. The core material can be made of monolithic steel engineering pure iron. Dry processing is convenient. The core of the coil portion is often cylindrical.

The excitation coil of the AC electromagnet is connected to an alternating current, and the established magnetic flux varies with a certain rate of the power source. Therefore, the ferromagnetic object passing through the magnetic flux has eddy current and hysteresis loss. At this time, the iron core can no longer be made of a single piece of steel, and is usually formed by stacking many thin electrical steel sheets. For ease of manufacture, the core is square and the coils are often square.

3, according to the way the coil is connected

The electromagnets are connected in series and in parallel according to the connection mode of the coils. Because the number of turns of the series coils is generally small, and the windings are wound with thick wires, the resistance and inductance values are small, so the influence on the circuit can be neglected. Therefore, the current value of the series coil is not determined by the resistance and inductance of the coil itself, but by the magnitude of the load connected in series. However, the current value through the parallel coil is determined only by the resistance of the coil itself. Therefore, the number of turns of the parallel coil is large, the wire is thin, and the entire voltage of the circuit is applied to both ends of the coil, and the current and the resistance are far larger than the series coil with respect to the alternating current electromagnet.

4, according to the progress of the action classification

The electromagnet can be divided into three types: block action, normal action and delay action. Among them, the electromagnets that act quickly and delay the movements use special methods to change the speed of movement in ordinary electromagnetic mechanisms.

5. Classified according to the movement mode of Hengtie

Electromagnets are divided into direct-acting and transmission-type according to the movement mode of the balance iron. Generally, the lifting electromagnets are all-directed electromagnets.

6, according to the shape of the magnetic circuit

Electromagnets can be divided into open-circuit magnets and closed-circuit magnets in the shape of magnetic circuits.

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