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L-shaped Gantry Crane
- Jul 19, 2018 -

L-shaped gantry crane

The L-shaped gantry crane has a simple structure, convenient manufacturing and installation, and its own quality is small. The main beam of the L-shaped gantry crane is mostly a derailed box-shaped frame structure. Compared with the double main girder gantry crane, the overall rigidity is weaker. When the weight Q ≤ 50t and the span S ≤ 35m, this form can be adopted. The L-shaped is easy to manufacture and install, the stress is good, and the quality is small. However, the space for lifting the cargo through the leg is relatively small. Some L-type gantry cranes are suitable for loading and unloading and handling of various materials in open spaces and warehouses, stockyards, railway freight stations and port terminals, and are widely used in logistics transportation operations. Can also be equipped with a variety of special spreaders for special operations


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