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Jib Crane Use Maintenance
- Mar 27, 2018 -

Jib crane use maintenance

1.Operators should strictly abide by the operating regulations of the crane, and do not allow the use of overloads.

2. The use of terminal baffles is not allowed as the usual parking method.

3. The chain or steel rope with heavy weights must be strong enough and tied firmly and reliably. If the rope or chain is around the sharp corner, the cushion should be added. The rope set on the crane must not slide at the center of the hook. The lifting and moving of the

4.Weight should be carried out vertically, and the electric hoist is prohibited.

To drag or pull out the heavy objects buried in the ground, and no cranes are allowed to run the drag and impact work.

5. Lift above prohibited to stand, the pedestrian is strictly prohibited.

6. when the work is finished or rest, the heavy objects should not be suspended in the air.

7. Every half a year, the parts of the rotating parts should be collected on the lower wing of the crossbeam (the track), the frame and the paint can be stripped or painted or repainted.


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