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Indoor Gantry Crane
- Aug 02, 2018 -

Indoor gantry crane description

Indoor gantry crane is a type of bridge type crane in which the horizontal bridge is placed on the two legs to form the shape of the gantry. The cranes operate on ground tracks and are mainly used for handling and installation operations in open storage yards, docks, power stations, ports and railway freight stations. The hoisting mechanism, trolley running mechanism and bridge structure of the gantry crane are basically the same as the bridge crane.

Gantry cranes are divided into 4 types.


1 Ordinary gantry crane: This kind of crane is widely used. It can handle all kinds of articles and bulk materials. The lifting weight is less than 100 tons and the span is 4 to 35 meters. Ordinary gantry cranes with grabs have a higher working level.


2 Hydropower station gantry crane: It is mainly used for lifting and opening and closing gates, and can also be installed. The lifting capacity is 80-500 tons, the span is small, 8-16 meters; the lifting speed is low, 1~5 meters/min. Although this type of crane is not often hoisted, it is very heavy once it is used, so it is necessary to raise the level of work appropriately.


3 Shipbuilding gantry crane: used for assembling the hull of the ship's rig. There are two hoisting trolleys: one has two main hooks and runs on the rails of the upper flange of the bridge; the other has one main hook and one auxiliary hook. Running on the rails of the lower flange of the bridge to flip and hoist large hull sections. The lifting weight is generally 100-1500 tons; the span is 185 meters; the lifting speed is 2-15 meters/min, and the fretting speed is 0.1-0.5 m/min.


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