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How To Do The Gantry Crane Reducer Is Easy To Wear
- Aug 04, 2018 -

How to do the gantry crane reducer is easy to wear

In practical applications, gantry cranes operate at high frequencies, and their drive wheels and reducers need to be operated frequently to meet the needs of the equipment. Then, in the case of repeated start, stop and emergency stop, the reducer in the crane is easily worn or even leaks. Is there any good solution to this problem?

     When the problem of the reducer in the gantry crane occurred, the traditional way in the past was repair welding or brush plating repair, but either method has some disadvantages. For example, if repair welding, it is easy to produce irreparable thermal stress, causing deformation or breakage of the part, and brush plating is easily limited by thickness. Material, so the best way is to replace the parts of the reducer, instead of HDPE polymer material, so no matter the effect of welding thermal stress, it is not affected by the repair limit thickness, and most importantly, it can avoid wear and prolong The service life of the reducer can also reduce the failure rate for the gantry crane.


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