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How To Confirm The Electric Hoist Is Standard
- Jul 04, 2018 -

how to confirm the electric hoist is standard

With the increasing number of small and medium-sized enterprises producing electric hoists, the same lifting hoist models have been various, which makes it difficult for customers who purchase equipment, so how to check whether the newly purchased electric hoist is up to standard is what we must knew. The following is a detailed explanation for everyone:

You can check if the electric chain hoist you purchased is up to standard according to the following conditions:

1. The mechanical properties of the hook shall be in accordance with national regulations.

2. The rated lifting capacity of the electric chain hoist should be marked in the prominent position of the lower hook. There should be a locking device to avoid accidental slippage of the rigging. The lower hook should be able to rotate 360 degrees and turn flexibly.

3. The lifting chain should not be lower than the provisions of GB/T10051.1.

4. The lifting chain should be equipped with guiding devices to assist the normal meshing of the chain with the lifting sprocket and the cruise ship. The end of the hoisting chain that is unstressed should be provided with a restriction device that prevents the hoisting chain from being detached from the lifting sprocket.

5, the motor of the electric hoist should use AC asynchronous motor. The thermal classification of the motor insulation mechanism is not lower than Class B. The motor protection is not lower than the IP rating specified in GB/T4942.1.

6. The motor winding should be able to withstand the withstand voltage test for 1 minute without the insulation breakdown.

7. For motors with rated power not more than 1.1KW, the leakage current during the test should be no more than 10 mA. For motors with rated power greater than 1.1 kW, the leakage current during the test should be no more than 20 mA.

8. Under the rated voltage, rated frequency and no-load condition, the deviation of any one of the three-phase currents of the three-phase motor from the average value of the three-phase should not be greater than the average value of the three-phase.


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