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Gantry Crane Production Requirements
- Jul 27, 2018 -

The Gantry Crane is mainly designed for the bridge erection project. It is used to lift and transport the various materials needed for the bridge construction. It belongs to the large lifting equipment. It has large weight, easy to install, easy to operate, and is the most widely used in the road and bridge erection units with large mobility in the working place. The related production requirements of the equipment are as follows:

(1) the main steel structure of The Hoister Gantry Crane should take into account the factors of the convenience of disassembly and transportation when meeting the requirements of strength, rigidity and stability.

(2) there must be enough space inside the fuselage to meet the assembly of lifting precast beams and bridge erecting machines.

(3) when using two lifting precast beams, two machines should be synchronized.

(4) the lifting mechanism and the running mechanism are low in speed, so as to improve the precasting beam alignment accuracy and reduce the impact on the structure of the beam lifting machine.

   The Hoister Gantry Crane can also be used alone, and can also be used in two sets of lifting prefabricated beam and other heavy objects. Two cooperative use, with a weight of up to 900 tons, is an important heavy lifting equipment, high safety performance, easy to disassemble, install and transport.


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