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Electromagnetic Crane
- Aug 08, 2018 -

electromagnetic crane

With the advancement of technology, the types of cranes are also increasing, and the driving force for driving cranes is becoming more advanced. The electromagnetic crane is a circuit control system that uses low voltage current to control high voltage and high current. It has a small risk factor and is safe and convenient to operate.

The working principle of the electromagnetic crane is to use the electromagnetic principle to carry steel articles. The main part of the electromagnetic crane is the iron block. After the current is turned on, the electromagnet firmly holds the steel goods and lifts them to the designated place. After the current is cut off, the magnet disappears and the steel items return to the ground. Electromagnetic cranes are generally used in places such as scrap steel recycling or steel making workshops.

   Electromagnetic cranes are very convenient to use. For steel items, they can be collected and transported easily and quickly without packing and packing. The use of the electromagnetic crane not only saves effort, but also simplifies the workflow and reduces the operator's needs. In the case of guaranteed power, the magnetic force of the electromagnetic crane is more reliable than the chain of the bundle of common cranes.

   When the electromagnetic crane is energized, a magnetic field is generated, and then a magnetic force is generated, and the electromagnetic force is used to attract the object. The electromagnetic crane is characterized in that the more the number of turns of the coil, the larger the magnetic force; the magnetic pole can be changed at will; the larger the current, the larger the magnetic force. The application of electromagnetic cranes makes the handling of objects easier and faster, but the drawback is that electromagnetic cranes can only carry steel items.


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