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Double Girder Crane Sink Solution
- Aug 10, 2018 -

Reasons for the main beam of the double girder crane to sink:

1. Unreasonable use: The crane is designed under the specified conditions of use and cannot be considered for overloading and other unreasonable use. However, many users have not paid enough attention to this, long-term overloading and changing the type of work used, as well as for pulling heavy objects and pulling anchor bolts. According to the survey, many units of cranes were damaged due to such unreasonable use.

2. Unreasonable repair: Since the law of structural deformation caused by heating on the metal structure of the crane is not mastered, no measures to prevent deformation are taken. The electric hoist-type double-girder crane is gas-cut or welded on the bridge, thereby causing the main beam. Severe deformation, in addition, heating on the platform will cause the main beam to bend inward, heating on the end beam, not only the upper end of the end beam deformation, but also affect the main beam deformation. Therefore, the deformation law of the metal structure should be mastered, and heating on the structure should be avoided as much as possible. When welding or gas cutting is required, measures to prevent deformation should be taken depending on the specific conditions.

3. Unreasonable lifting, storage, transportation and installation of cranes: The crane bridge is a long structural member with large elasticity. Unreasonable storage, transportation, lifting and installation may cause deformation of the bridge structure. The unit of use of the crane should pay attention to the reasonable use, comply with the operating procedures and the necessary system, which is extremely important for extending the service life and preventing the main beam of the crane from sinking.


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