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Domestic Crane Industry And Market Prospects
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Domestic crane industry and market prospects

Statistics show that the annual average growth rate of total output value, sales revenue, and total profit of China's lifting machinery industry exceeds 15%. As of 2012, the industrial output value of the lifting machinery industry reached 267 billion yuan, and sales revenue has reached 256 billion yuan, total profit reached 14.8 billion yuan. As a traditional product in China's crane market, truck cranes have been steadily moving forward. China's crane machinery industry is developing rapidly and the industry scale is continuously expanding. With the further expansion of the offline market, the development of the mobile Internet e-commerce market has become an industry. The inevitable trend of development. Under the background that mobile e-commerce is having a deeper impact on traditional industries and the offline market is becoming increasingly saturated, the lifting machinery industry has begun to develop on the road to mobile e-commerce.

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