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Do Single Beam Cranes Need I-beams
- Jun 29, 2018 -

Do single beam cranes need I-beams

The main beam is the most important force component in the metal structure of the crane. The maintenance work of the crane is directly related to the safety and performance of the crane. Therefore, attention should be paid when using: 

(1) Rapid start-up, braking, and the other must be avoided A crane collided, because of this drastic action, the bridge will produce a large additional dynamic load.

(2) The deflection of the main girder is regularly measured, and the I-beam single girder crane is used to verify whether the main girder exceeds the specified deformation. 

(3) Check the main beam and the hanging car welds. These are the main welds. If cracks are found in the welds, they should be immediately stopped, then the cracked welds should be removed and rewelded with high quality electrode (E4303). Re-welding should pay attention to the process to ensure the quality of welding and to prevent welding deformation, check the connection between the main beam and the suspension car bolt is loose. 

(4) When the main beam is found to have residual deformation (or web instability), it should be immediately stopped. After the study, the parameters of the I-beam single-girder crane are to be developed and repair methods are to be formulated. 

(5) After the main girder is repaired or reinforced, it shall be tested and the supplier of I-beam single girder crane shall be used as described above.


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