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Classification Of Bucket Crane
- Feb 07, 2018 -

Grab crane can be classified according to crane type, bucket type and drive mode.

Classification by crane.

It is divided into the bridge type grab crane, the door type grab crane, the folding jib type grab crane. And can be divided into single beam grab crane and double beam grab crane. The crane will be bulk cargo, such as coal, ore and phosphate from the unloading of cargo compartment to funnel, and then by the conveyor belt, discharge to the storage yard or loading goods.

1. The bridge type grab crane for bridge type grab crane is used for bulk materials and granular materials. General configuration of bridge type grab crane: the driver's cab is controlled, and the driver's cab is divided into two types. The various organizations adopt winding type hoist motor, resistance speed control. Level of cranes grab bridge crane work: A6, A7, work environment 20 ℃ ~ + 40 ℃ is not recommended for this model has explosion-proof, insulation for a working environment. The crane equipment grab bridge crane can be used for other configurations: 1. 2. The lifting weight includes the grab weight; 3. The limit size of the top surface is H+ H when the car is equipped with rainproof cover; 4. The total amount of outdoor cranes and the maximum wheel pressure should be increased by 5%, and the large-car electric conduction has two forms: Angle steel and safe sliding contact. 6. The crane has standard car and weighing trolley. 7. According to the need, it can be equipped with cane grab, garbage grab, wood grab and other types of grasping tools. 8. The grab is divided into: single rope grab, double rope grab, electric grab and target set grab.

2. The door type clamshell crane is mainly used for the transportation of mines, coal, wood and so on.

Single beam grab crane and double beam grab crane mainly refer to bridge crane, which is divided into single beam grab crane and double beam grab crane. The function is the same as the bridge type grab crane.

3. The folding jib type clamping crane is divided into log hanging and sugarcane dropping, etc. But with the development of science, China has developed a multi-function grab crane.

According to the bucket classification.

1. The shell type grab crane is suitable for the port, dock, station yard, mine loading various aspects such as bulk, minerals, coal, ballast, conditions, etc., can also be used for conditions excavation, foundation trench excavation, highway construction, railway track laying and other projects.

More than 2. The disc type grab crane is suitable for steel scrap grab and refined work, a large amount of waste, waste landfill and construction sites torpedo, loading and unloading and handling work, automotive recycling field, the collapse of torpedo and recycling, bucket tooth can be replaced, and high hardness, wear resistant steel, to ensure that the service life is long; The valve shell can be selected according to different working environment; Fully closed valve shell, semi - closed shell, wide - side flap and narrow - side valve shell. Timber grab is mainly used for all kinds of logs, lumber, pipe, barrel and other objects of grab and loading and unloading, can be single grab also can grab more root, cooperate with the tower crane, gantry crane and crane use. Suitable for log yard, wharf unloading, etc. Straw bale grab is a kind of material handling equipment specially developed for straw power plant. It mainly carries out straw baling, storage and feeding. The working level is high, and it is suitable for the working environment of straw warehouse, which is damp, large dust, frequent and uninterrupted work.

Sort by drive.

The driving mode can be divided into hydraulic grab and mechanical grab. 1. Hydraulic bucket crane hydraulic bucket itself is equipped with an open structure, which is usually driven by hydraulic cylinder, and hydraulic clamps made up of multiple jaw plates are also called hydraulic claws. Hydraulic grab is widely used in special equipment of hydraulic type. 2. Mechanical grab crane mechanical movable frame grab itself has no configuration, usually driven by a rope or connecting rod force, according to the operating characteristics can be divided into double rope grab and single rope grab, the most commonly used is double rope grab. The double rope grab has support rope and open and closed rope, which is wound around the supporting mechanism and the opening and closing mechanism. Double rope grab work is reliable, easy to operate, high productivity and wide application. After two sets of double rope, it becomes a four-rope grab, and the working process is the same as the double rope grab. Single rope grab support rope and open and closed rope with the same steel wire rope. The wire rope is supported and closed by means of special locking device. The winding mechanism of single rope grab is relatively simple, but the productivity is low.

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