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C-type Spreader
- Sep 28, 2018 -

C-type spreader

1. Hanging concrete: The main part of the C-type spreader is made of steel plate (high-quality low-alloy steel) and steel pipe. The cross-section is box-shaped structure, which has good resistance to bending and torsion. The spreader is light in weight and has a service life. long.

2. Counterweight iron: It plays the role of adjusting the balance of the spreader so that the center of gravity of the spreader and the object to be lifted is in a line.

The C-type hook is mainly used for the horizontal lifting of the coiled plate. Because its shape resembles the letter C, it is called a C-type spreader. The lifting and installation process, the structure is simple and reasonable, the action is flexible, the use is convenient, and the lifting is safe and reliable.

Daily maintenance of products:

The used C-type spreader must be placed on a special shelf and stored in a ventilated, dry, and clean workshop, and kept by a special person.

The surface of the C-type spreader should be protected against rust frequently, and it should not be stored in acid, alkali, salt, chemical gas and humid environment.

Type C spreaders are prohibited from being stored in high temperature areas.

Regularly clean the rotating parts and regularly lubricate the oil to prevent dry friction and jamming.


Steel coil crane has C-shaped steel coil spreader, hydraulic spreader, horizontal coil spreader, vertical hanging coil spreader, electric horizontal coil clamp, electric rotary horizontal coil clamp. Suitable for steel coil handling, steel coil tempering, warehouse storage stacking, transportation loading and unloading, etc. Can be selected according to the requirements of use.

★ Main use: horizontal lifting of steel coil

★ Range of load: 5-40 tons

★ Safety factor: 3 times

★ Made of low carbon high quality alloy steel

★ Load ≤ 3 tons, using type I, load > 3 tons, using type II

★ Special shaped parts can be designed according to requirements

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