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Boom Crane
- Apr 11, 2018 -

Boom crane

The boom-type cranes include: cantilever cranes, tower cranes, mobile cranes, and portal cranes. There are three types of cantilever cranes: column-type, wall-mounted, and balance cranes.

A column type jib crane is a cantilever crane consisting of an upright column and a cantilever that can rotate around a fixed column fixed on a base or a cantilever and a column, and rotates together with a vertical centerline within a base support. It is suitable for occasions where the lifting capacity is small and the service range is round or fan-shaped. It is generally used for loading and transporting workpieces such as machine tools.

2 The on-wall crane is a cantilever crane fixed to the wall, or a cantilever crane that can run along an elevated track on a wall or other supporting structure.

3 Balanced crane commonly known as balance crane, it is the use of four-bar linkage mechanism to make the load and balance weight constitute a balanced system, you can use a variety of slings flexible and easy lifting load in three-dimensional space.

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