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Attention Of Grab Bridge Crane
- Feb 07, 2018 -

For the use rules and maintenance of the clamping bridge crane, the following items are also included:

(1) it is necessary to check the closing mechanism of the grab bucket and the closing of the jaw plate before each shift, and check the fixed condition of the jaw plate, the hinge of the brace and the lubrication state of the grab bucket.

(2) check the condition of the closed rope guide wheel and the fastening and connection of the clamping cable.

(3) empty vehicle test run, check the correctness and reliability of the work of the grab closure mechanism.

(4) it is not allowed to grab the whole object with the grab bucket, and it is not allowed to use the grab bucket to unload the feeding equipment and railway vehicles.

(5) the height of the discharge hopper shall not be greater than 200mm when the grab is discharging.

(6) when lifting the grab, the closing rope and lifting rope speed are equal, and the force of the steel wire rope is even.

(7) the upper limit position of the grab lifting is, when the top of the grab bucket is less than 1m from the upper limit switch, the distance of the bottom of the grab bucket and the car box is greater than or equal to 0.1m.

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