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Analysis Of The Heating Causes Of Slip Ring Motor
- Feb 07, 2018 -

1 the cooling air volume of the slip ring is not enough. The fan blades should be accurately directed to the slip-ring coaxial shaft and meet the structural design standards and regulations. The direction of wind leaves is not in accordance with the standard. On the one hand, it will cause the bearing vibration, on the other hand, it will cause the cooling air volume of the slip ring

2. There is a blockage or leakage in the airway. The slip ring is directed into the air hole to be cleaned carefully, so as to avoid the insufficient cooling air volume caused by the accumulation of ash and blockage, which causes the heating of the brush and the slip ring. In the maintenance, compressed air tube shall be used to clean the holes of the slip ring. Air leakage can also cause a lack of cooling air volume 

The quality and maintenance factor of the brush. The combination of brush or brush box causes some brushes to be heated by the current and even burn off the lead. Brush maintenance and replacement without careful grinding and polishing treatment. The gap is insufficient, the electricity swipes the card astringent; The clearance is too large, and the contact surface of the slip ring does not match. Uneven current distribution is a common cause of slip ring heating. Therefore, regular slip ring blowing and cleaning shall be carried out

The reason for the insulation and pressure spring of the brush box conductor. The conductive part of the brush box and the fixed part are fitted with an insulating spacer. The current is passed through the conductive part and the brush and the rotor is introduced through the slip ring. In the operation, the soot and carbon powder cause the insulation capacity to decrease or the conduction, and the uneven distribution of the brush resistance causes the local heating. After a certain amount of time, pressure is uneven, deformation, crack, loose spring etc. in the brush box, causing the brush box to overheat [1].

The slip ring is not round or the surface roughness causes friction and heating. During maintenance, the slip ring is not round or rough, causing friction 

The vibration of the bearings causes the brush to heat. With the vibration of the bearing, the friction of the brush contact surface is uneven, the lead and spring are loose, and local sparks are generated, which further aggravates the heating of the brush

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