Induction Motor

  • Three Phrase Induction Motor

    Three Phrase Induction Motor

    1. Three Phrase Induction Motor Introduction 1. ZDY series conical rotor motor, smooth start, braking safety, and can complete with reducer for driving lifting machinery and other applications requiring high efficiency mechanical and mechanical drive brake gently. 2.ZDY...Read More
  • Low Rmp Three Phrase Induction Motor

    Low Rmp Three Phrase Induction Motor

    1. Low RMP three Induction motor introduction Low RMP three induction motor rotor speed is lower than the rotating magnetic field speed, the rotor winding due to the relative movement between the magnetic field and generate electromotive force and current, and the magnetic...Read More
  • Three Phrase AC Induction Motor

    Three Phrase AC Induction Motor

    1. Three phrase AC induction motor Three-phase AC induction motor is a kind of electric drive that converts electric energy into mechanical energy. It is mainly composed of the stator, the rotor and the air gap between them. After the stator windings lead to the three-phase...Read More
  • 3000 Rmp Induction Motor

    3000 Rmp Induction Motor

    1. 3000 rmp induction motor introduction 3000 rmp induction motor is used to drive small size machine, especially for household and workshop where only need single phase power supply. Operating conditions Ambient temperature: -15℃≤θ≤40℃ Altitude: ≤1000m Protection class: IP44...Read More
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