Mini Hoist From Large Factory

Mini Hoist From Large Factory

mini hoist from large factory

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mini hoist from large factory

1. mini hoist from large factory

mini hoist from large factory with the artistic shape, reasonable structure, easy installation, the noise is small, the use of safe and

reliable, so the mini electric hoist is widely used in factory workshop, family warehouse, hotel, shopping mall, decoration and handlingplace, etc. A family to decorate, the small high-rise handling, lifting,because the volume is small, use 220 v voltage, make it in the civil

use of more widely.

2. Features of mini hoist from large factory

1, Efficient, light motor, non-asbestos brake system, low energy consumption.

2, Punching Steel shell, lightweight and low noise.

3, High-strength safety hook, to bear the accident will not impact overload fracture, only gradual deformation.

4, Compact and durable system of linked plastic bag.

5, Reverse protection devices: A special electrical wiring, when the power connection errors, control circuit can not move


3. mini hoist from large factory data


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