Electric Hoist 200 400 Kg

Electric Hoist 200 400 Kg

electric hoist 200 400 kg

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electric hoist 200 400 kg

1. electric hoist 200 400 kg introduction

1, the lifting motor: the motor for the magnetic single-phase single-phase capacitor motor, the use of B-class insulation, the motor design is a stop-and-brake brake magnetic institutions, the use of safe and reliable;
2, gear box: the use of two deceleration devices, gears, shafts made of high quality steel. Quenched and tempered heat treatment. Motor and gearbox constitute a whole, the shell made of aluminum die-casting, compact and durable.
3, rope tube, frame: rope with high-quality steel plate stamping and steel welded together, installed on the output shaft, rotating wire rope lifting objects. The frame is stamped and welded with a high quality plate to protect and secure the electric hoist.
4, hook: the use of high-quality carbon structural steel forging, and with a pulley-type hook, so that lifting weight doubled.
5, the controller: the controller is equipped with two-way switch, used to control the hook up or down.
6, the limit mechanism: The product design limit device, when the hook balance block touches the limit switch ring, the limit switch to disconnect the circuit, so that downtime, to ensure safe operation.

2. More types of electric hoist 200 400 kg


3. Technical data of electric hoist 200 400 kg


4. Install of electric hoist 200 400 kg


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