220v Electric Hoist 1 Ton

220v Electric Hoist 1 Ton

220v electric hoist 1 ton

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220v electric hoist 1 ton

1. 220v electric hoist 1 ton introduction

220v electric hoist 1 ton has only normal speed, which can satisfy the general working requirement.
220v electric hoist 1 ton has one more hoisting motor and one slow speed actuating device, which make the model have two speeds. When it works slowly, it can satisfy the precise task such as precise working of loading and unloading, sand  to break-in.

2. Features of 220v electric hoist 1 ton 

1. Light aluminum shell 
2. Electromagnetic brake 
3. Electromagnetic contactor 
4. 24V/36V transformer  device  
5. Hot forging with perfect strength chain
6. Hook is constructed of anti-pull and heat-treated steel and heat-treated steel 
Motor:  Motors are equipped which has safety limiter in both up and down directions. And the motor is Conic rotor brake motor, in order to adapt to the frequent direct start in the intermittent work.

3. Install of 220v electric hoist 1 ton



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