Jib Crane

  • Column Type Spiral Arm Crane

    Column Type Spiral Arm Crane

    JKBK column type spiral arm crane (also known as column type spiral arm crane, column type spiral arm crane, vertical cantilever crane, vertical cantilever crane). It is designed to adapt to the modern production of a new generation of light lifting equipment, with high...Read More
  • 20 MT Jib Crane

    20 MT Jib Crane

    Jib crane is a kind of small and light weight lifting equipment. It is a special lifting equipment designed according to the needs of the user according to the new products introduced by West Germany. It has the advantages of novel, reasonable, simple, easy to use, flexible...Read More
  • Portable Jib Cranes

    Portable Jib Cranes

    portable jib cranes is a kind of small mechanical equipment with excellent performance and wide application. It is suitable for lifting operation of high-rise buildings, such as various kinds of building materials and lifting materials, especially for long and wide materials...Read More
  • Curved Jib Crane

    Curved Jib Crane

    (also known as: crankshaft crane, crane arm, jib crane, crane arm, crank arm type cantilever crane, crank arm type cantilever crane, curved jib crane) characteristics of crank arm type cantilever crane has the advantages of novel structure, supple and flexible operation, high...Read More
  • Arm Swing Jib Crane

    Arm Swing Jib Crane

    arm swing jib crane is composed of an upright post device, rotary device, rotary arm device and electric chain hoist, including column, column, girder, girder rod, lifting mechanism (electric chain hoist), slewing mechanism, electrical system, ladder and maintenance platform....Read More
  • Small Pillar Jib Crane

    Small Pillar Jib Crane

    t is composed of a column, a rotary arm and an electric hoist with a ring chain. The spiral arm beam of BZN type spiral arm crane adopts hollow steel structure. It has light weight, high strength, good rigidity, simple structure and convenient operation. The built in walking...Read More
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