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What part needs to pay attention about bridge crane overhaul accessories
- Apr 02, 2018 -

What part needs to pay attention about bridge crane overhaul accessories


Lifting accessories are an essential setting on bridge cranes, and when using bridge cranes, it is believed that after any period of operation of any mechanical equipment, there may be some doubts due to equipment quality doubts or elements, of course, bridges. The crane is not an exception. The bridge crane is composed of a variety of lifting accessories, thus increasing the probability of attack. Let's take a look.


When determining what needs to be paid attention to overhauling bridge cranes? First and foremost, we can ensure our personal safety. During the overhaul process, attention should be paid to the removal of safety hazards, such as adjustment of the lifting accessories to adjust the brake gap, replacement of worn clutches, or the use of friction plates to facilitate the adjustment of the seat in the driving room. Repair the safety problems of injuries and machine ex-acer bastion. In addition, the sense of protection during the operation of the driver can be enhanced, and the space and protective equipment should be provided around the bridge crane or lifting accessories when the machine is conducting a dangerous test.


Again, we must do a good job after the overhaul. Lifting accessories shall establish repair files for overhauling construction machinery, and the repairing unit shall ensure that the repaired construction machinery can reach the operational performance and outstanding operating conditions of the rules within a certain period of time. If there are defects in the regular period, those who can sweep out after the adjustment should be handled by the operating units themselves. If there is a big change in the attack. When the damage of mechanical parts, severe oil leakage, water leakage, leakage, and leakage of electricity are necessary to dismantle the main components for repair, the repair unit shall tell the repairing unit to carry out the inspection together, and may correct it to reduce downtime. The overhauled machine can operate under outstanding conditions. There is no need to underestimate every detail when repairing, and the results of overhaul depends on the details. Every detail must be noticed!

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