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What are the technical requirements for installing protective devices on overhead cranes
- Apr 03, 2018 -

The bridge crane operating mechanism of the bridge crane and the lifting mechanism of the small frame are not easily checked. According to the relevant regulations, it must be managed according to the type of special equipment. According to the relevant regulations and the actual conditions of the factory, the bridge cranes in each unit in the factory should be unified. The overload limiter, the limit position limiter, the rail sweep board and the supporting frame, and the conductive slip are added. The safety protection devices such as line protection plate, earthing, track end stop and other protective devices are unified, and the technical requirements of the protective device are unified. Such as:

(1) when the lifting load reaches 90% of the rated load, the system sends out the alarm signal. When the lifting load reaches the rated load, the system can automatically cut off the power supply and send out the alarm signal.

(2) when lifting device reaches the limit position, it should automatically cut off the lifting power.

(3) a protective plate is set under the end beam at the end of the slippery line to prevent the accidental contact of the hoisting gear or the wire rope from the sliding line: to set up a protective plate between the ladder to the ladder and the slide line.

(4) set up stop at the end of the track, so that it can prevent the derailment of the bridge.

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