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Two orders about 5 ton single girder overhead crane
- Mar 09, 2018 -

Two orders about 5 ton single girder overhead crane

Good start of 2018! Client from Taiyuan city visited our company after consulted for about one month. They compared our product with other suppliers and choose Henan Armagh Machine Company.  A new order about full set 5 ton single girder overhead crane includes rail, electric hoist and sliding wire is start.

5 ton Single-girder cranes usually refers to 5 ton single-girder overhead traveling cranes. The main girder of 5 ton single-girder cranes adopts the combination of I-shaped steel or steel type and steel plate. Lifting the car often hand chain hoist, electric hoist or hoist assembly as a lifting mechanism components. Used for hauling goods on different occasions and prohibited from being used in flammable and explosive corrosive medium environment.

With ground and air two forms of operation. There are two kinds of operation on the ground with the handle of the remote control and the handle of the remote control; aerial operation refers to the operation of the cab. The driver's cab is open and closed two, according to the actual situation can be divided into left or right installation of two forms, the entry direction of the side and the end of two to meet the user in a variety of different needs of the circumstances to choose.

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