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The self-locking principle of worm gear reducer
- Feb 07, 2018 -

When in the worm gear and worm reducer worm helix Angle is small, such as single head worm, the worm stop running, the worm gear and worm to a backward sliding force, cannot make worm reverse rotation, this phenomenon is called worm self-locked. This is called the Angle of friction, the tangent of the friction Angle is the coefficient of friction f, tangent of phi is equal to f. The smaller the friction Angle, the stronger the self-locking capability. Single cochlear spiral Angle is small, and the friction Angle is small, so it has strong self-locking ability.

In the transmission mode of the reducer, the worm gear reducer has no characteristic of other gear transmission, that is, the worm can turn the worm wheel easily, but the worm wheel cannot turn the worm. This is because the structure and transmission of the worm gear reducer are realized through friction. The self-locking function of worm gear is widely used in mechanical application, such as winding machine, conveying equipment and so on.

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