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the safety inspections before QD gantry crane
- Apr 10, 2018 -

What are the safety inspections before QD gantry crane operation?

Before MH gantry crane work, special attention should be paid to the relevant safety inspections. In fact, the following main requirements must be fulfilled:

1. Make necessary safety inspections and preparations.

2. For the hoist cranes that have been suspended for a long period of time, when they are re-used, the test run shall be carried out in accordance with the regulations, and it is considered that no abnormalities can be put into use.

3、Before starting the operation, check whether there are any special effects and obstacles affecting the work within the walking range on the crane track, and remove the foreign objects or obstacles before starting work.

4. Check if the voltage exceeds the specified value.

5. Check whether the operation button mark is consistent with the crane movement.

6, check the brake device is good.

7. Check whether the rising limit device is safe and reliable.

8. Check if there is abnormal sound and vibration during lifting and operation of the running mechanism.

9, check the hoisting wire rope is faulty and damaged.

The above points are necessary and necessary inspection items for the MH-type gantry crane before operation. The operator must comply with this.

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