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The reason of using helical gear in gear combination of reducer
- Feb 07, 2018 -

The fault of the spur gears is that they produce vibrations. Whether due to design, manufacturing or deformation, some changes in the involute profile may occur at the same time along the entire tooth surface. This will lead to a regular, one - tooth stimulation, which is often very strong. The resulting vibration causes large loads on the gears and causes noise. Another disadvantage is that the additional strength obtained by two pairs of teeth in contact time can not be used because the stress is defined by the condition of the single tooth meshing in the loop.

Helical gear can be seen as flakes consists of a set of appropriate gear dislocation is placed into a cylindrical gear, so that each piece of contact is in the different parts of the tooth profile, which produced the role of each slice gear error compensation, the compensation effect due to the elasticity of the tooth is very effective, thus conclude that the results, the error is within 10 mm tooth would be able to make the error average effect, and so on have load cases, can such as the error is within 1 mm of tooth that running smoothly. Because at any instant, about half the time (assuming the recombination is about 1.5), there will be two teeth meshing, which will bring additional benefits in terms of strength. Therefore, the stress can be built on the base of 1.5 times the width of the tooth rather than the width of a tooth.

It is difficult and not economical to make and assemble a large number of straight gears, so they are made into a single gear with a helical spiral. Helical gears, unlike straight gears, can cause undesirable axial force. But the advantages of vibration and strength outweigh the disadvantages of axial thrust and slightly increased manufacturing costs. So choose in deceleration machine manufacturing helical gear instead of straight gear. Such as four series: R series coaxial helical gear reducer, K series of spiral bevel gear reducer, S series helical gear worm gear and worm reducer, F series parallel shaft helical gear reducer. Note 1: what is a spur gear, spur gear tooth is parallel to the axis of the gear. We only discuss the parallel axis gear drive theory, so any money section perpendicular to the two gear shafts is exactly the same.

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