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The real cause of the loss of control of the crane hoist electric rope hoist
- Oct 16, 2018 -

The real cause of the loss of control of the crane hoist electric rope hoist

Wire rope electric hoist is used by many small and medium-sized enterprises, workshop production lines, etc., because the lifting rope is out of control, the wire rope is often broken, and the articles are detached.

The main reasons for the loss of control of the wire rope electric hoist are as follows:

1) Sinter link of the main contact of the AC contactor. Due to the quality problem of the contactor or the improper selection of the contactor, the main contact is often sintered and stuck, and the disconnection cannot be disconnected, causing the electric hoist to stop rising in time. Therefore, the quality of the electrical equipment in the exchange must be reliable, and the qualified products of the regular manufacturers are selected. Since the electric hoist is frequently operated, the contactor must select the appropriate model.

2) The control button is invalid. The main performance is that the button insulation breakdown short circuit, the button insulation breakdown short circuit as long as it is due to frequent operation, its effective insulation is destroyed. Poor working environment causes large leakage current, maintenance is not timely, and unqualified quality is also a common cause of failure of control buttons. Therefore, in order to ensure safe operation, in addition to selecting qualified products, it is necessary to strengthen daily maintenance and solve accidents in time.

3) The travel switch control is out of order. The stroke control switch is a safety protection measure for timely power-off when the electric hoist rises to the limit position. Due to long-term and frequent use, the stroke control switch is prone to loose displacement, and even more, when the wire rope is replaced, it is removed, thereby losing the emergency. Protect the device and cause major hidden dangers. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the safety education for operators and maintenance personnel!

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