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The gantry crane representation
- Apr 09, 2018 -

The gantry crane representation

The model of gantry crane is represented by the four major elements of code, rating, mass, span and working level.

(1) Code Meaning

M: indicates the gate type. The symbol after M is a double-girder gantry crane. Its symbols are: MG, ME, MZ, MC, MP, MS. Two symbols are single-girder gantry cranes, and their symbols are: MDG, MDE, MDZ, MDN, MDP, MDS.

MG—double-beam single-car hook gantry crane;

ME - double beam double trolley hook gantry crane;

MDN—Single-girder single-grab grapple grab gantry crane;

MDS—single girder trolley three-purpose gantry crane

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