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The effect of wind pressure and brake force on gantry crane
- Apr 03, 2018 -

When the full load sports car is always positioned at both ends, the pillar is subjected to the maximum vertical stress. The gantry crane with extended arm is the maximum vertical stress when the sports car reaches the end point of the extended arm.

A gantry crane with extended arms must make the sports car and the goods transported freely through the post.

The bending moment diagram and scissors diagram of gantry cranes with one or two outstretched arms due to their own weight and dynamic load. The braking force of the sports car can be calculated, and the friction coefficient between the wheel and the track is 0.15.

Longitudinal wind pressure of the bridge (full load): take 20-25 kg / m2. The horizontal force exerted by wind pressure and braking force is in the direction of track.

The determination of the force on the corner iron on the main beam can be made in detail. If we put the track on the lower edge of the longitudinal beam and placed on a proper suspension mechanism, the structure of the pillar and its connection with the main beam are simplistic and simplistic. At the same time, the suspension mechanism is used as a joint of the reinforcing frame, and all horizontal forces (mass force and wind force) are transmitted to the horizontal connection frame on the plane of the longitudinal beam.

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