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single girder bridge crane
- Apr 03, 2018 -

 single girder bridge crane

The whole product of LD10t-22.5m electric single beam crane is made by advanced technology. The whole plate is numerically controlled, the whole plate is welded and the structure is stable. The advantage is to eliminate the hidden trouble of the butt weld quality of the steel plate. The advantage is the upper degree of the 1/1000 to 1.4/1000 when the numerical control is laid, and the benefit is not to be deformed; the surface of the steel is shot to the surface of the steel, and the surface roughness of the steel surface is hit the surface of the steel surface before the GB8923 coating. The Sa2.5 level in dealing with registration and derusting grades has the advantage that the paint adhesion reaches the best state, and the average life of paint is 2.5 times that of normal.

The common main beam is made up of U type welding with steel plate. The upper arching is baked by heating method. The drawback of this process is that it is easy to use the high temperature of the environment or easily produce the arch of the main beam under frequent use.

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