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single-beam European-style crane
- Sep 03, 2018 -

single-beam European-style crane 

The single-beam European-style crane has the characteristics of simple structure, advanced matching and advanced technology, large reduction of control lines, maintenance-free, low fault and energy saving, and improved productivity. It saves more than 35% of the national standard crane, saves about 40% of raw materials, and is maintenance-free. Increase productivity by 30% and equipment management costs by 45%.

Single beam European crane advantages:

1. Low clearance, small wheel pressure and stable operation;

2. Fast positioning, simple operation and maintenance-free design;

3. Reasonable design and long service life;

4. Safe and reliable, improve production efficiency.

Single beam European crane weakness:

Because the matching parts are all fine or imported fittings, the price of single-beam European cranes is higher than that of ordinary single-girder cranes. This is the biggest defect of European single-girder crane competition, but it depends on whether the customers have performance on single-girder cranes. value.


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