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single-beam cranes requirements
- Sep 21, 2018 -

What are the requirements for single-beam cranes without load test run?

1. The direction of operation of the crane mechanism and the running direction of each mechanism of the single girder crane should meet the design requirements.

2. Start the motors of each mechanism separately, and the operation should be normal, and the no-load current should be measured.

3. The operation of each safety protection device and brake should be accurate and reliable.

4. Electrical equipment such as power distribution panels, cabinets, motors, controllers, etc. should work normally.

5. Each operation and lifting mechanism should travel at least three times along the whole process, and there should be no abnormalities.

6. The mechanism for powering cables and cables should be consistent with the speed of the operating mechanism.

7. The running mechanism and lifting mechanism of two or more motor drives are in the correct direction, and the starting and stopping should be synchronized.


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