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Requirements for MH Gantry Crane Operators
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Requirements for MH Gantry Crane Operators

MH gantry crane is a kind of commonly used light small electric hoist single beam gantry crane, also called electric hoist gantry crane or MH gantry crane. Today we mainly talk about MH gantry crane operator requirements.

1. The operator must be in good health, be at least 18 years of age, have visual acuity (including corrected visual acuity) above 0.7, have no color blindness, and have hearing to meet specific working conditions.

2. The operator must be a certified operating personnel who has received professional training and has passed the assessment, and is familiar with the safety operation procedures and the relevant safety precautions.

3. The operator should be familiar with the basic structure and performance of the hoist cranes that are frequently operated.

4. The operator should be familiar with the function of the safety device of the hoist crane and hold the knowledge of the hoisting operation.

The above is the most basic operational requirements for MH gantry cranes for operators, and different units of action have other relevant specific requirements.

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