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Precautions when installing gantry cranes outdoors
- Oct 11, 2018 -

Precautions when installing gantry cranes outdoors

Comparing the gantry crane with the bridge crane, it can be seen that the installation of the gantry crane is relatively more convenient. It is also necessary to strictly observe the relevant precautions when installing outdoors. Then, based on years of experience, Liwang Heavy Industry will talk about the installation of gantry cranes in the outdoor from the perspective of practical operation, for the reference of new and old customers.

1. The gantry crane has different tonnages, and the requirements for the track and foundation required for installation are also different. So try to match.

2. The span of the gantry crane is large, and the angle needs to be paid attention to during the installation process. The assembly process of each part needs to be in a horizontal plane.

3. The grounding should be strong, otherwise the gantry crane will tilt. The foundation must meet the specified requirements and the overall configuration should be high.

4. The track should be processed strictly according to the standard. Otherwise, the gantry crane will deform under heavy pressure, causing secondary friction and prone to accidents.

5. When the gantry crane is installed, the test is required, and the air-fighting operation is required, and the overload test is performed on the overload.

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